To Sue or Not To Sue

Posted: January 12, 2010 in ABSARIA

Before pursuing a suit, consider the following elements:


Have you really attempted to see the issue from the other party’s point of view and understand the opposing position or feeling?


Has every other option been examined? Sometimes the only ones who get anything in a lawsuit are the attorneys.


Before investing your money and time in a suit,have you carefully weighed the strengths and legal option of the other side?you will get nothing even you are the winner party in the case if the opponent have nothing otherwise the tittle of bankrupt people.


As told to you before,what good is it to win the judgment if the loser doesn’t have any money or assets to attach or liquidate?How much extra time or effort will be wasted for the useless judgment?


How much the pursuing of the suit going to cost you , your employees, or your family in lost of money ,time,focus , and energy? Could you culcalate it then find the conclusion either your action give u a win situation or juz waste ur time n everything.

MSG: The contents of these guides i quote from a book which i yet to remember its title ,but I’ll put it later for the seek of your references.Pliz make sure that the action u take n will take always benefit u and others and never do it until u finish thinking and satisfied about it .After satisfied,as shake spears words,its up to you,to be or not to be,to do or not to do,or to sue or not to sue.

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