Are you seeking respect from others??

Posted: March 7, 2011 in ABSARIA

People like and love to be respected. But do you realized that people only seeking for the respect but so sucking to give respect to the their surrounding. Perhaps they thinking the surrounding do not deserve to have their respect and perhaps they only deserve for the matter.

But remembers always, this world have its rule .We also called it as ‘KARMA’. Some said , “to be respected ,you must respect others first,without any conditions”. Why I love to share something like this?? Because ,today ,in the beautiful morning ,i was scolded by an unstabilize and unpredictable women,a.k.a ,one of my girl friend..What she said? ‘Ah,Sibuk lah!!’ ..after I make some jokes. : ) By the way,as usual, ‘Do I Care??’ ‘Never Ever My Dear Friend’..Hmm,as  I said,she was unstabileized women and unpredictable gurls,may be she was not in good mood. But when we discuss about this element, you need to think about the feeeling of the other people.Pliz,do respect others,and never put the comfortable of yourself first.

Do you like the other people do the same thing or scolded the same words to you? I fully believe you also have the same answers. Try to put yourself in their shoes first before do something that will affect and effect other people’s feeling. Learn and always practice yourself to think before you act. It is useless to act first before thinks their result. At the end,you yourself will suffer for every action you took,for every step you move. Think,think,and think before do something.

Lastly,respect to be respected. Love to be Loved.and bless to be blessed…love u all friend ..


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