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Posted: September 30, 2009 in ABSARIA

Yup,that person was given the second chances .

Hopefully that human will use it for the benefit of others.

In this world,some of us always been given space for the second chances ,

perhaps more than 2nd,maybe 3rd or 4th or infinity.

Therefore the issue is not about how many times the chance was given,but how far you appreciate it.

In legal world,the accused was defensed for many reason.

Either he rightfully or vice versa.

Some lawyers lied in front of judges just for giving a chance to the accused regret for what had been done by them.

If not for that reason,of coz for monetary mission.

Hmm,thats life.

For the end, when ever the chance come knock your door of life,never let it go to another door,seize and make it useful for your future step.

Hmmm, the person was given the chances…or…