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huh,its too complicated being a MAN.Think ,Think and Think.Future,business,study,relationship, responsibility and many stuff playing in my mind. Hmm ,I have many thing to share with all of you,but time is very limited(perhaps,its not an excuse). The surrounding become more challenging.I need to grab and seize any chance and make decision for many choice in life.There is nothing without acting.The word will be useless without movement.Yup.many people are thinking to change the world,but nobody thinking about how change their self.And for me,i need to change both side.But for sure ,it begins with make the betterment,it need passion and sacrifice.And its not easy.Of coz,when we chose to be different ,we chose to be difficult. It seems like contravene with all of the world.But one thing that all of us must make it clear,the world only appreciate people who is outstanding and different and not who chose to be a normal person.Have a normal life,normal challenge,and normal ending of life.  I have a dream and i want to share it with all of the world.But for this moment,let it become my secret.So,dulu ,kini dan selamenya…i must do what i need to do so i can do what i want to do.Finish my study,complete my business and enlarge the empire of ABSARLEGAL.Pray for my success all of my dear outside.See you at the top.Happy Ramadhan.